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At Coquitlam Optometry Centre we use state of the art contact lens technology to ensure that you get the best possible vision and comfort all day, every day with your contact lenses. Remember, not every “brand” is right for everyone. Contact lenses must be professionally fitted to ensure proper tear exchange, proper oxygen transmission, and proper compatibility with your unique tear chemistry, and of course, proper vision!

The doctor will fit you with the contact lenses and solution care system deemed most suitable, and then follow-up to ensure proper fit and compatibility. We have access to all contact lens manufacturers’ products and will ensure that you are in the right lenses for you.

Today’s contact lenses are more comfortable and healthier for your eyes. You can choose from a wide range of options, including lenses you wear once and throw away, lenses you can sleep in, and lenses to change the colour of your eyes. Book a contact lens fitting today to learn about your options.

We offer saving of up to $100 when you purchase a one year supply of contact lenses.  We have shopped for you already with the large retailers and internet sites such as Costco and Clearly Contacts and will match their prices.  More often than not, our prices are the same or less.

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